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  1. 30 Day Plank Challenge

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    Try The 30 Day Plank Challenge Today

    Take up this 30 day plank challenge this month and tone up and boost your core muscles to the max and give you that summer body that you’ve always been dreaming of in time for this upcoming summer!

    The plank challenge is our most popular 30 day fitness challenges and has been taken by over 800,000 people over the past 12 months, so why not give it a go for yourself, it worked for them so join the huge amount of people using a tried and tested fitness method to stop using the same old excuses and get you into shape.

    The 30 day plank challenge only has 1 exercise which you have to do each day this includes planking for a certain amount, and then the time spent doing the exercise slowly increases day by day to help you build up your core body muscle strength gradually, ensuring you are able to complete the final day of the challenge easily and get into perfect shape and boost your core strength in time for the summer season.

    You only have to do the amount of time shown on the 30 day plank challenge chart once per day, however, if you are feeling brave then you can repeat each day’s challenge as many times as you like – however, remember by day 30 it will be very hard to do multiple times as you have been pushing your body day after day for 30 days. But if you are feeling brave then definitely push yourself as much as you can!

    Types Of Planks

    Elbow Plank

    This is the most common plank, and what you’re most accustomed to in the form of planks. This is where you lay stomach down on the floor and put both your feet together. Place your elbows underneath your shoulders and then lift your body up into a straight plank. In order to get the best results from this exercise, you shouldn’t push your pelvis up or allow your hips to sink down too.

    Regular Plank

    This is similar to the elbow plank that was mentioned above. But the difference is that this one is a little harder. For this plank, you need to lay stomach down with your feet together. Place your hands under your shoulders, and then follow by lifting your body up into a plank position. But keep it straight. Like the elbow plank, be sure that you don’t let your hips sink down or push your pelvis up.

    Plank With Arm Up

    Get down to a classic elbow plank position and then slowly lift one arm up. Make sure that you hold this position and then repeat for the other arm.

    Climbing Plank

    In my opinion, this is the hardest variation of a plank that we will be covering. But it is very much worth it. Be sure to get into an elbow plank. Then straighten one arm and then the other, getting up into a standard plank position. Once you have done this, climb back down to get into an elbow plank, and repeat accordingly.

    Plank Challenge Social Media

    Please follow the 30 day plank challenge chart below each day, and let us know how your progress goes on by tweeting us @30dayfitness with the hashtag #30DFC

    Plank Challenge Benefits

    The benefits of completing the 30 day plank challenge really are endless. The planking exercise will help build your inner core muscles that lay the groundwork for that six pack. As your abdominal muscles become stronger, your midsection will tighten and tone up. While building your strength, the planks also increase flexibility in your posterior muscle groups. The muscles around your collarbone, shoulders, and shoulder blades will expand and stretch, as will your hamstrings and the arches of your feet and your toes.

    How To Do A Plank Properly

    How To Do Plank Jacks Exercise

    To do a plank correctly, you must engage with your abs to stay upright. Side planks or normal planks with extensions are particularly beneficial for building balance, as are planks performed on a stability ball. To test and strengthen your balance, try a side plank with a leg raise.

    Start by getting into side plank position, then lift your top leg and hold for one count. Lower it and repeat, then switch sides. In addition, planks work all the muscles you need to maintain proper posture, like your back, chest, shoulders, abs, and neck. If you do planks regularly, you’ll find you’re able to sit or stand up straighter with ease.


    How To Do A Plank


    30 day plank challenge chart free download


    • Day 1:  20 seconds plank
    • Day 2:  20 seconds plank
    • Day 3:  30 seconds plank
    • Day 4:  30 seconds plank
    • Day 5: 40 seconds plank
    • Day 6:  rest day
    • Day 7:  45 seconds plank
    • Day 8:  45 seconds plank
    • Day 9:  60 seconds plank
    • Day 10:  60 seconds plank
    • Day 11:  60 seconds plank
    • Day 12:  90 seconds plank
    • Day 13:  rest day
    • Day 14:  90 seconds plank
    • Day 15:  90 seconds plank
    • Day 16:  120 seconds plank
    • Day 17:  120 seconds plank
    • Day 18:  150 seconds plank
    • Day 19:  rest day
    • Day 20:  150 seconds plank
    • Day 21:  150 seconds plank
    • Day 22:  180 seconds plank
    • Day 23:  180 seconds plank
    • Day 24:  210 seconds plank
    • Day 25:  210 seconds plank
    • Day 26:  rest day
    • Day 27:  240 seconds plank
    • Day 28:  240 seconds plank
    • Day 29:  270 seconds plank
    • Day 30:  300 seconds plank


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