Should Children Lift Weights?

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Should Children Lift Weights?

Should Your Child Lift Weights?

If you want your child to do well in sports then you need to get them into it at a young age. This involves improving strength, power, and speed which leads to the question of should children lift weights?

A lot of experts warn that weight training at a young age can damage growth in children’s plates. These concerns can ring true as well. The dangers to growth plates and these are found at the end of long bones are actually real. However, it is important to point out that these injuries are almost always the result of using too much weight with improper technique. Plus, smart strength training is absolutely acceptable as long as the right exercises are chosen and that the child has an appropriate level of base strength and mobility. Otherwise, if you’re trying to overstretch the mark then this can result in damage to the child’s body which can lead to long term issues.

Even when kids are ready for weights, the loading is often times imbalanced and that leads to problems down the road. One common problem is that people put too much focus on popular exercises like the bench press, and start piling on the pressure and weight even before a kid can do 10 good pushups. Which is definitely a recipe for injury.

So, in summary, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your child lifting weights from an early age but it is important to realise that technique and other exercises may necessarily be better for your child rather than just maximising weight and strength. For more advice on what exercises to use then be sure to take a look at this article here.

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