Our Mobile App Has Been Updated

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Our Mobile App Has Been Updated

Our mobile application has been updated and is now available in the Apple App Store.

The app has been redesigned and recoded from the ground up and is now a totally awesome native app which so many features it is hard to name them all!


* 19 professionally designed fitness challenges
* New improved daily fitness challenge progress tracking
* New achievements upon fitness challenge completion
* New share your progress via social media
* Detailed exercise technique information and tutorials
* New video demonstrations of each exercise
* New user profile
* New customisable daily reminders & notifications
* New beautiful user interface and design
* New social media login option
* Use the app on your iPhone or iPad and your progress will be synced between devices


Here are just some of the amazing 30 Day Fitness Challenges which are included in the app

* 30 Day Squat Challenge
* 30 Day Plank Challenge
* 30 Day Ab Challenge
* 30 Day Beach Body Challenge
* 30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge
* 30 Day Push Up Challenge


* Pick a 30 Day Fitness Challenge
* Complete the exercises stated once each day
* Share and challenge your friends via social media
* Repeat for 30 days – see amazing results upon completion

So if you want to try and get fit without having to go to the gym or buy any specialist equipment then the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app is perfect.
Each daily fitness challenge only takes between 1-5 minutes to complete each day, so there is no excuse you do not have time to exercise.
Work your way through the 30 Day Fitness Challenges and start seeing great results with minimal effort!

Does The 30 Day Squat Challenge Really Work? - Yes!
Our iPhone App Is Now In Store

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