Fulfil your New Year’s Resolution with a Digital Personal Trainer

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Fulfil your New Year’s Resolution with a Digital Personal Trainer

As the midnight hour approaches on New Year’s Eve, millions of people make promises about lifestyle changes – to themselves and their loved-ones. In most cases, however, these promises are broken well before the end of January. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions made involves living a more healthy lifestyle and getting into shape. And with the motivation of a digital personal trainer behind you, there is no reason why this year’s health-related resolution can’t be seen through to the bitter end.

Toast in the New Year with a bottle of strong lager, and you’ll consume just 189 calories. But let’s face it; how many of us stick to just one drink during the New Year celebrations? In fact, how many of us stick to just one drink during any evening out at the local pub or restaurant? Treat yourself to, say, five beers, and you’ll be counting the cost of consuming nearly 1,000 calories – and that’s before you’ve had anything to eat. And don’t think your love of wine will keep you slim and trim this New Year, as a large glass of red wine can contain up to 230 calories.

Stick to your New Year’s Resolution with the help of a mobile app

Before you settle on your resolution, you need to have a plan in place in order to achieve your goal. A permanent lifestyle change will be needed if your New Year’s pledge involves losing weight and living a healthier life. There are several fitness programs on the market designed to help people like you to achieve their lifestyle ambitions, but they can be very costly.

But what if you had a digital personal trainer in your pocket or on your tablet computer whenever you needed it? An intuitive mobile app can work in conjunction with most leading activity trackers in order to tailor a diet and exercise plan that meets your needs. You enter all your personal information from the outset, and the digital trainer utilises that information – along with the data acquired from a leading activity tracker – to set personal goals, workouts and meal plans with your ultimate target in mind.

Whether you are a pregnant woman looking to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy or a man with a widening waistline, you can choose a weight loss programme that suits your needs. These 12 weeks fitness plans update you on your progress, provides you with workout tips and send you tasty recipes that are low in calories but high in flavour. Achieving your goals every week will result in achievement badges and encouragement, and missing those same goals will result in advice and tips for getting back on track.

If you’re concerned that you won’t have the one-on-one advice you need to achieve your targets, there’s no need to be. A digital diet and exercise plan includes the chance to take part in webinars and Q&A sessions with lifestyle gurus, fitness experts and nutritionists. One of the main reasons New Year’s Eve resolutions often fall by the wayside is because people become demotivated as soon as a key goal has been missed. But this expert advice ensures you have the motivation and knowledge needed to keep going whenever you need it.

A personal trainer can charge up to £50 per hour for their services, and a similar fee may be charged by a professional dietitian. But imagine if you could have this expertise in the palm of your hand whenever you need it – for a fraction of the cost. A cutting-edge digital health and fitness app can mean broken New Year’s resolutions become a thing of the past.

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