How To Lose Belly Fat

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How To Lose Belly Fat

In this guide, you will learn about how to lose belly fat. I hope you’re motivated and prepared because it’s not just as a simple as working out and eating fewer carbs. We will give you a fully comprehensive guide which will give you the rundown of the different kinds of fat that there is. What causes this belly fat to occur in the first place, and how to lose belly fat. So let’s begin.

What Are The Different Types Of Fat?

Firstly, if you want to learn how to lose belly fat then you’ll need to know what kinds of fat are under your skin. As it is much more complex than just needing to get rid of fat. Here at 30 Day Fitness Challenges, we believe that there are 2 major kinds of fat for your body.

Subcutaneous Fat

This kind of fat has implications for your health but isn’t the high risk fat that is often warned about by many food and health experts.

Visceral Fat

This kind of fat is the fat that surrounds your organs. So if that gets out of hand then this can lead to much more serious issues and diseases. The serious diseases that can occur from this visceral fat include breathing problems, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. So this is why we stress that it is extremely important to realise which kind of fat is good and bad for you. This will help to improve your health in your long term.

Belly fat is heavily linked with stress and how you manage that stress. If that is something that you experience over a long period of time, there is research which links that to an increased risk of heart disease. But body fat has health implications in all areas of the body. But around the stomach has stronger links to cardiovascular disease.

What Causes Belly Fat?


A lot of research that has been conducted into belly fat always points towards the stress hormone being a major contributing factor for women who store fat around their middle. This research that Yale University conducted found that women who experienced significant levels of stress, and were otherwise slim before stress are more likely to have belly fat when compared to others who didn’t suffer from this.

These women were also more at risk of developing conditions such as diabetes or heart disease in their lifetime. If you can find and fix what is causing you the most stress in your life then this is a good start in starting to reduce your belly fat. Although you can never be completely free from stress as it just doesn’t happen, unfortunately.

Poor Sleeping

If you’re suffering from poor sleep then that is the first thing that needs to be acknowledged. It is much healthier to have a quality sleep over a long sleep. No matter if you have just 5 hours of a quality sleep, this could be healthier than 9 hours of broken and intermittent sleep. Your sleep will have an impact on everything that you do in your body, from the foods that you crave the following day to your ability to recover from a workout.


Poor Nutrition

If you are sleeping well then the next issue to address may be that your nutrition is poor. If you’re commonly eating processed foods, too much wheat or sugar. As well as whether gluten or dairy is a stress for your body. We find that if you still have excess tummy fat despite having good nutrition then you will need to look at your training. There is currently a real craze for high intensity workouts and pushing yourself to the max. But this causes huge stress to your body and if you don’t give yourself time to recover then this can result in you developing more fat.

How To Lose Belly Fat

Get Enough High Quality Sleep Each Night

If you struggle to get a good quality sleep each night then this throw your hormones out of sync and increase levels of the stress hormone in your system. So sleeping through the night is key in losing that unwanted belly fat. One of the most effective tips when preparing your body for sleep is to stop looking at your phone at least 2 hours before. Most issues regarding sleep come from being constantly exposed to blue light from our laptops, tablets, and phones. So if you use them before you go to sleep then you can stop the production of melatonin which is our body’s natural sleep hormone. So you will find it harder to fall asleep when you come to it.

Annnnnd Breathe

In order to help you control your sleep, it is important to make sure that you breathe properly. This will sound a bit stupid but if we’re completely honest, many people don’t actually breathe properly. The most common form of breathing is through short chest breathing but deep diaphragmatic breathing is the key to relaxation and good quality sleep. Breathing is the one thing we’re going to do more in our lives than anything else, so it’s important to get it right.

Eat A Balanced Breakfast

When they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they’re not lying. As well as setting you up for the day and getting that metabolism going strong, it’s also an important rule to bear in mind when thinking about how to lose belly fat. Naturally, good nutrition will lead to better sleep quality. If you start the day with drive and energy you’re inevitably going to be more active. As the day goes on you’ll start winding down because you are moving more, which leads to better sleep quality later on. The second benefit is that eating less processed foods is kinder to your liver and kidneys.

Carbs Before Bed

When you want to lose belly fat. It’s easy to presume that you need to cut out carbs in order to cut down on your fat in the belly. Research has indicated that people who reduced their intake of carbs lost 10 more pounds on average when compared to those who reduced their fat intake. So keep an eye on those carbs to get the most out of your weight loss scheme.


Don’t Forget Weight Workouts

Regular exercise is essential for combatting belly fat problems, particularly if you have already got sleep and good nutrition down to a tee. But the kind of exercises that you try out will have an impact on how long it takes you to blast that belly. Researchers at Harvard University have found that the best way that you can cut belly fat is with weight workouts. It’s about lifting a weight that’s challenging for 3-6 reps with good rest periods. Anywhere from 90 seconds up to two minutes. It’s not so fast paced, but you’re still challenging the body.

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