How To Exercise Without Moving A Muscle

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How To Exercise Without Moving A Muscle

How To Exercise Without Moving A Muscle?

Increasing numbers of medical clinics use supervised sauna bathing for detoxifying the body of toxic chemicals. Programs typically follow the “Hubbard Method”, a regime based primarily on nutritional supplementation, sauna therapy, and exercise. Other names used for similar programs include BTR, Hyperthermic Detoxification, Sauna Therapy, the Physical Therapy/Detoxification Program, Heat-Stress Therapy etc. For simplification, they are referred to as sauna therapy.

Exercise Without Moving a Muscle!

What happens to the body during a sauna is quite simple, your metabolism and pulse rates increase, your blood vessels become much more flexible, and your extremities benefit from increased circulation. Physical fitness fans will recognize that some of these changes can also be achieved through strenuous exercise. Not to say that a sauna would put you in excellent physical condition without moving a muscle, but that it brings about the same metabolic results as physical exercise.

Why The Need To Detox?

There are over 50,000 foreign chemicals in commercial use. An incredibly large population are suffering from toxic illness. For those patients, sauna therapy is the only medically managed detoxification technique which releases stored impurities from body storage sites.

Elevated levels of commonly used chemicals are currently being detected in human sera. Many compounds have been shown to accumulate and remain stored in body tissues. The metabolizing of such compounds leads to the accumulation of oil soluble chemicals and their products into fatty deposits throughout the body. Since virtually every organ contains a fat component, including the brain, a stored chemical residue can pose a serious threat to psychological health as these substances can be released into the bloodstream during physical or emotional stress.

Most environmental contaminants we have today are fat soluble, thus they have an affinity for body lipids or fatty tissue. The body uses metabolic systems, particularly the liver, to convert fat soluble substances into water soluble chemicals to facilitate excretion. Sauna therapy enhances this process by mobilizing poisons from body storage sites into general circulation, where they are then transported out of the body through various excretionary pathways such as perspiration. And we all know that the main effect of a sauna bath is heavy perspiration!

Now that you know a little more about what sauna can do for you, we urge you to come to find out more about the many other benefits that saunas has to offer! All you need is 15 minutes of Sauna Therapy in order to save your Kidney 24 hours of work!

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