How To Do Punches Exercises

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How To Do Punches Exercises

Benefits of Punches

Great for toning your upper body arms, shoulders and core, also a good way to relieve stress!!

Muscle Groups Worked:

Deltoids, Biceps, triceps, obliques, lower trapezius, latissimus dorsi.

Punches Variation

To make this exercise more challenging you could hold a dumbbell in each hand or even a tin of beans or a bottle of water if you do not have any equipment but be sure to always start off with a light weight and work your way up.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Stand straight with legs hip width apart and a slight bend in the knees
  2. Hold your arms up in a guard position in front of your face, arms should have a bend of 90 degrees at the elbow
  3. With the right arm first punch out so that your elbow locks and the arm is straight and the palm is facing to the floor
  4. Bring the arm back to the guard position and repeat with the Left arm

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