How To Do Butt Kickers Exercise

Learn How To Do Butt Kickers Exercise With These Simple Steps

Are you struggling with your butt kickers exercise? Follow these simple steps to learn the most effective way of how to do butt kickers exercise and start feeling the benefits.

Benefits of Butt Kickers Exercise

This exercise is great for lifting, strengthening and shaping your butt and hamstrings if performed regularly.
It can also be performed at either a low or high intensity with no equipment needed.

Muscle Groups Worked:

Gluteus maximus, hamstrings.

Butt Kickers Variation

If balance is an issue then hold onto a secure chair.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Stand with the knees close together, arms either down by the side of behind on top of the bottom
  2. Flex your left knee and the left leg behind you so it touches the glute, return that leg to the floor and repeat with the right leg
  3. The quicker you can perform this the better

Video Demonstration

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