How To Do A Wall Sit Exercise

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How To Do A Wall Sit Exercise

How To Do A Wall Sit Exercise

Learn How To Do A Wall Sit Exercise With These Simple Steps

Are you struggling with your wall sit exercise? Follow these simple steps to learn the most effective way of how to do a wall sit exercise and start feeling the benefits of the ranges of wall sit exercise variations such as the dumbells wall sit exercise.

Benefits of the Wall Sit Exercise

Wall sits are excellent for building strength and endurance in the lower body muscles and all you need is a blank wall.

Muscle Groups Worked:

Quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, gastrocnemius, soleus, hamstrings, hip adductor.

how to do a wall sit

Wall Sit Variation

If it is too painful to be at a 90 degree angle start higher up and lower once you have had more practice.
To make the wall sit more of a challenge hold a dumbbell in each hand down by your side or place a ball between the knees and gently squeeze to work those inner thighs a bit more.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Start by standing about 2 feet away from a wall with your back against the wall
  2. Slide your back down the wall until your hips and knees bend at a 90 degrees angle
  3. Keep the shoulders, upper back and the back of the head against the wall
  4. Both feet should be flat on the ground with the weight evenly distributed
  5. Hold for the required amount of time

Video Demonstration

You can view our video demonstration on how to do a wall sit perfectly via our Youtube channel. You can also view our other fitness exercise video demonstrations and make sure you subscribe to the channel to get notified when we produce a new fitness video!

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