How To Do A Standing Side Crunch Exercise

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Standing side crunch is a great core exercise but not well liked.

The standing side crunch is a great exercise to do to tone your core muscles and is less stressful on your back as you are not sat down.

You do this move standing up but bend over to the sides instead of bending forwards as in the normal crunch.

Benefits of Standing Side Crunch

These are a great alternative to abdominal work on a mat and is ideal for people with mobility, neck or back issues. If performed regularly they can also help with enhancing your balance.

Muscles Worked:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent and the core engaged
  2. Lift the right leg, bending the knee at a 90 degree angle turning the thigh out to the side
  3. Place your hands slightly either side of your head, do not lock your fingers or pull the head
  4. Crunch your right elbow to the right knee
  5. Keep the chest lifted and a neutral spine as to not bend forward to much
  6. Switch legs and repeat

Crunch Variations


  1. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip width apart
  2. Place your hands slightly either side of your head, do not lock your fingers or pull the head up
  3. Push the small of your back into the floor to engage the abdominals
  4. Tilt your chin slightly, leaving a few inches space between chin and chest
  5. Begin to roll your shoulders off the floor
  6. Your shoulders should leave the floor by about 4 inches and your lower back should always remain on the floor
  7. Hold for a moment at the top then slowly move back down

Crunch On Gym Ball

If you suffer from any back pain it may be advisable to perform the crunch on a gym ball:

  1. Sit on the ball and roll your torso down so that you are lay on your back with your shoulder blades down to your tailbone should be on the curve of the ball while your head, neck and shoulders are above the ball.
  2. Knees are bent and feet flat on the floor at hip width apart
  3. Perform the same abdominal curling movement as instructed above
  4. Move slowly and keep the core muscles engaged so that you feel grounded on the gym ball and do not roll off it

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are a more advanced way to perform a crunch and give you a fuller workout as they are more intense.

  1. Lie on your back with both your feet out horizontal in front of you
  2. Place your hands behind your head as if you are relaxing on the bed
  3. Bend your left knee to 90 degrees and twist your body so your right elbow touches your left knee
  4. Kick your left leg out and bend your right leg to 90 degrees and then get your left elbow to touch your right knee
  5. You are twisting your core muscles switching your elbows to touch the opposite knees

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standing side crunch video demonstration

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