Benefits of the kick down crunch

This is a great abdominals exercise and there is no equipment needed as it can be performed anywhere.

Muscle Groups Worked

Rectus abdominis, Upper trapezius, lower trapezius, quadriceps.

Kick Down Crunch Variation

You could perform this on an exercise bench either holding onto the bench with your hands or if you have good balance and a strong core with the hands at the temple.
Always ensure that any equipment is safe to use.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Lie flat on the floor with the lower back pressed into the ground
  2. Fingers at the temples, feet and shoulders slightly lifted from the ground
  3. Engage the core and in one movement lift the upper body and the knees into the chest so that the knees and elbows almost touch
  4. Keep looking forward and do not let the chin rest on the chest as this will hurt your neck
  5. Pause for a moment then return back to the starting position