Does The 30 Day Squat Challenge Really Work? – Yes!

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Does The 30 Day Squat Challenge Really Work? – Yes!

One of our users completed the 30 Day Squat Challenge and posted her findings on her YouTube channel.

As you can see from her video, the 30 Day Squat Challenge really does work!!!

So why not give it ago yourself – Try The Squat Challenge

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30 Day Squat Challenge

The 30 day squat challenge has been one of our most popular challenges with over 4 million people viewing the challenge information page since we launched the website back in 2013.

The squat challenge is great if you want to tone up your butt and upper leg region as it is a simple and easy exercise to do but gives great results.

Squats are easy to do at home or at the gym as you do not need any specialist equipment, all you need is yourself, a flat floor and some determination.

Simply stand up straight and then bend your legs, keeping your back straight and move down into a squat position. Bring your arms our in front of you for support and extra tension on your back and upper legs.

Then bend your legs back in and stand up straight – and you have just performed the perfect squat.

If you are looking to take on the 30 day squat challenge you can you can the information via the link above, and why not challenge your friends to do it too. It works really well if you get the whole office to take part as it only take part as it only takes 5-10 minutes to complete easy day.

Having someone to challenge you will ensure you complete the full course and you will see massive improvements once complete. it is well worth it!

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