Benefits Of Push Ups

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Benefits Of Push Ups

Benefits Of Push Ups In Exercise

There are some many benefits of push ups. When you’re ready to build strength and develop a tight and toned upper body and core. Then look no further than the push-up. The push-up requires no gym membership, no fancy equipment and is a super effective exercise for everyone from noobs to heavy lifters.

Targets Numerous Muscle Groups

Push ups are a compound exercise, which means that they involve more than just your basic 1 muscle group per workout. When you’re doing a push up, your arms, shoulders, back, abs, legs, and chest are all being worked in order to complete a push up. Although your chest muscle is the main muscle that is being worked over the course of the exercise. Your triceps on the backs of your upper arms and your deltoids or shoulder muscles that play major roles. Your rectus abdominis, or your abs; your obliques that run along the sides of your midsection; your quadriceps on the fronts of your thighs; and the erector spinae muscle along your spine all work to stabilize your body throughout the movement. All of this combined makes the push up one of the most efficient exercises out there.

You Can Do Them Absolutely Anywhere

What could be of more benefit when trying to build strength and muscle tone than the ability to do an exercise anywhere, anytime and with no absolute equipment necessary? In the kitchen waiting for water to boil? Drop and do some push-ups on the kitchen floor! Out for a run in the local park? Work in a few sets of push-ups along the way. You can even do them in your office or at school.

Push Ups Build Core Strength

Whilst push ups are often the go to exercise in order to build chest strength for fitness buffs. They are also a great way for your to improve your core muscles including your abs, obliques and lower back too. This is because your body is maintaining stability in order to achieve the perfect form. If you have a strong core, this doesn’t just mean that you have toned abs. A strong core will promote good posture and will help to prevent back pain.

They Burn Lots Of Calories

Exercise orientated around strength aren’t generally thought of as big calorie burners, but they can be. Because so many muscles are involved in a push-up exercise. This exercise helps you burn more calories than exercises that only involve one or two muscle groups. This is because the more muscle recruitment that takes place during a rep, the more energy your body requires to perform the movement energy in the form of calories.

There Are So Many Different Variations

There are so many different variations of push-ups, no skill level is left out of reaping the benefits of this exercise. Beginners can do push-ups against a wall by walking their feet out away from the wall far enough to make the exercise challenging. Push-ups can be done with hands on a bench. The traditional push-up on the floor can be made easier by leaving the knees on the ground to support some body weight. If you need more of a challenge, you’ve got options. Elevate your feet, do clapping push-ups or put a weight plate across your upper back. The possibilities really are endless.

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