Are Fitness Trackers Worth It

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Are Fitness Trackers Worth It

Getting fit, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle are goals that millions of people around the world are currently trying to achieve. For some people, will-power and discipline are all that are needed for success. However, most people require a little helping hand now and then, which is why they turn to nutritionists, expensive gym memberships and personal trainers. But an activity tracker, combined with a digital weight loss program, could be a cost-effective alternative.

Although you might consider the purchase of technology for your health and fitness regime as an unnecessary expense, it is worth remembering that this would be a one-off purchase. Gym memberships require monthly or annual subscriptions, and personal trainers usually charge by the hour. In order to decide whether or not a fitness tracker is worth the expense, you must first find out what they can do.

Constant monitoring

A fitness tracking device can record your every move on a 24/7 basis. So, wherever you go and whatever you do, the number of steps you are taking will be monitored by a 3-axis accelerometer. Losing weight consistently over a prolonged period usually involves gradually increasing the intensity of your activity, and this requires knowledge of your current activity levels. Your stats can be sent to a device of your choice wirelessly, which means you can continually monitor your performance – something a personal trainer would charge you for.


One of the primary functions of a personal trainer is to provide motivation. A lot of people fail to stick to their health and fitness regime because they simply lose the motivation and will-power to exercise and eat healthily. Gym staff and personal trainers will often provide this motivation – at a cost. A fitness tracker, however, will collect your performance data, as well as information on your net calorie consumption and sleeping patterns. Having targets to work towards can be motivational, which is why a fitness tracker could become your very own personal trainer.

Detailed statistics

Personal trainers will often record your performance data to monitor your progress and adapt your fitness regime according to your achievements. But with a leading fitness tracker, this information can be displayed on a device of your choosing. Whether you are accessing your fitness data on a desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet, you’ll be able to navigate a range of menus with ease. You will have your very own personal trainer wherever you go, and for a fraction of the price the real thing would cost.

A robust and discreet design

Technology can be fragile, which is why many people don’t like to take it outside on a regular basis. However, the Fitbug Orb fitness tracker is made from a durable plastic that means it can withstand the everyday knocks and scrapes that can occur during activity. And a splash-proof design means it will continue to operate normally when the weather takes a turn. The sleek and discreet design of this fitness tracker means you can wear it almost anywhere on your body, including on your wrist and in your pocket.

A health and fitness management system

If you were to add up all the costs involved with gym memberships, personal trainers, nutritional advice and lifestyle gurus, you’d probably be facing an annual bill of several thousand pounds. A fitness tracker can be bought for a fraction of the cost, and it can be used to manage almost every aspect of your healthy living and weight loss regimes. Connect it to smart scales, a variety of mobile devices and digital fitness apps, and you’ll have the expertise of several health and fitness professionals wherever you go.

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